An Annotated Bibliography for SDI Development and SDI in Disaster Management

The Critical Systems Review (CSR) deliverable is structured as an annotated bibliography of literature about general spatial data infrastructure (SDI) development considerations as well as SDI development in a disaster management context.  Given the technology-oriented topic, recent literature is emphasized with publication dates primarily within the last 10 years.  Articles are summarized in 200-300 word entries (alphabetized by author) that focus on the main contributions of the work as well as potential utility specifically for the FALCON project and the FALCON stakeholder audience.  Articles are sourced from a variety of publication outlets including peer-reviewed journals, book sections, and conference proceedings.  Included in the review are case studies of regional disaster management SDI efforts, examples of SDI technical architecture, and discussions of the challenges of SDI implementation, including cultural and political issues.

The CSR is still under development with more entries added on a regular basis, but the latest draft is available here.

A larger bibliography of references about SDI development and SDI applications in disaster management, also still in development,  is available here.